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Rosewater Season

Roses!! It’s rosewater season at the farm. Trying a few new things with roses this year too. Rose is always a reminder for me to enjoy the beautiful things in life and in my mid life I’ve fallen absolutely in love with her. 🥀 💕 Working with Rose medicine has helped me open my heart […]

Red Clover – Red Clover

Trifolium pratense in raw apple cider vinegar. Why? Because red clover is packed with MINERALS that our bodies need to thrive, and apple cider vinegar is superb at extracting minerals. Red clover has all sorts of other wonderful properties too: liver and respiratory tonic, anti-inflammatory, and skin healer to name a few. When I started […]

Flower Magic

This time every year the herbal flowers explode in the garden and there’s a small window where all of these beauties are blooming at once. I like to bless my first herbal flower sun tea of the summer with a photo. This one is red clover, lavender, rose, tulsi, yarrow, and chamomile. I like to […]

Flower Tea

I woke up feeling different this morning. Calm. Optimistic. Peaceful. My first thoughts were of gratitude and not worry. This is not the usual for me, I have to admit. Habitual fear has a way of lodging itself in the body and mind, and rewiring our neural circuitry. Our nervous system can get stuck in […]

Flower Power

First sunflower of the year! We have always let our sunflowers self sow and for the most part we let them just grow where they pop up. This always makes for the biggest, most vibrant plants BY FAR. We have had some beautifully monstrous sunflowers at Mountain Flower Farm over the years! This year I […]

Lavender Harvest

Lavender Harvest. My favorite. Six hours to harvest and make 30 beautiful lavender bundles and a few mixed herb smudge sticks. I had the best time. Singing. Dancing (with the fan blowing directly on me). Making bundles. Lavender is my bliss herb. Uplifting. Calming. Restorative. I’ll make lavender syrup for my favorite summer cocktail, the […]

Changing it up

After 30 lavender bundles I was getting a little bored and decided to try some mixed herb smudge sticks. Garden Sage. Lavender. Hyssop. Yarrow. I could feel the energy coming off of these beauties while I was creating them. I was having so much fun with it and the scent is unreal! I look forward […]

Flower Harvest

Bouquet day yesterday. Making mini table bouquets is one of my favorite things to do. I got my start on this mini obsession when I did the landscaping and bouquets for Pam Sweeney at The Wildcat Tavern back in the day. I learned so much about flowers and floristry from my time there. I even […]

Lavender Lovers

For all the lovers of my lavender post, we have some drying lavender bundles for sale at @thelocalgrocer I love how the scent intensifies as it dries, as is the case with most aromatic herbs. We always think fresh is best but dried herbs make a stronger medicinal tea and, with some exceptions such as […]

First Stock Harvest

My very first stock harvest. I started these luscious smelling beauties from seed the first day of April with the intent to use them as dried flowers. Things I’ve learned: 1. don’t ignore the seed packet advice to provide support. 2. The flowers still do pretty well even when they fall over. 3. It’s true, […]