A Wonderful Time Of Year: Harvesting Lavender

It’s hard to believe an entire year has passed since the last lavender harvest.

We grow this lavender at the farm and then sell the bouquets down at The Local Grocer. Curious about this magical herb?

Read all about last year’s harvest here AND here is a great read about anything you’ve ever wanted to know about lavender.


Seasonal Farm Bouquets. We’re doing a new thing!

Organic locally grown seasonal bouquets from our farm down the road, Mountain Flower Farm! This week’s bouquets are filled with medicinal and edible herbs like lavender, catnip, basil, oregano, yarrow, lady’s mantle, and wormwood. These edible and medicinal bouquets will change through the growing season as the herbs and flowers bloom and fade. We are super excited to share some our farm loveliness in this new way. Beauty makes the world go round! – We will have a limited supply of bouquets each week starting at $12 for sale at The Local Grocer.


So far, it’s been a pretty dry summer with stretches of heat. With little rain, we have been quite busy with watering that seems never-ending! That being said, our produce is starting to pop. We are harvesting lettuce daily, for sale in the market as well as for our salads made to order in the cafe.

Additionally, we are offering farm bouquets in the store, featuring fresh cut flowers and herbs. These start at $12- and make the perfect gift for a friend or yourself.

Here are some of our favorites from the first week of July:



Rows of lettuce

This sunflower stands guard over the garlic

Lavender – (recently harvested!)

Rows of brassicas.

Rows of corn which are growing rapidly

This white-flowered bush is elderflower

Rosewater Season

Roses!! It’s rosewater season at the farm. Trying a few new things with roses this year too. Rose is always a reminder for me to enjoy the beautiful things in life and in my mid life I’ve fallen absolutely in love with her. 🥀 💕 Working with Rose medicine has helped me open my heart more to others and to show myself more loving kindness…which can be one of the hardest things to do. Rose doesn’t care if you’re a slow learner, she’s there for you. #rosemedicine🌹

Red Clover – Red Clover

Trifolium pratense in raw apple cider vinegar. Why? Because red clover is packed with MINERALS that our bodies need to thrive, and apple cider vinegar is superb at extracting minerals. Red clover has all sorts of other wonderful properties too: liver and respiratory tonic, anti-inflammatory, and skin healer to name a few. When I started getting hot flashes last year during the heat of summer and the stress of launching a new business, I started drinking red clover infusions daily and the hot flashes eased to juuust about non-existent. As I’m now inviting more ease into my life with how I accomplish and do things, red clover assists with this as well. She really wants to help you level up and expand your daily consciousness….tap into that flow! In true permaculture form, we let red clover grow wild in the paths of the herb garden because it’s a great cover crop and a nitrogen fixer, so it actually enriches the soil by being there. Then, I get to harvest the flowers and green tops for mineral-rich infusions (strong tea) and infused vinegars. This one is going to @tableandtonicnh to become a part of some awesome, mineral-infused culinary concoction because we’re all about NOURISHMENT. Food can taste good AND make you feel good. When I hear guests say that to me of their experience at Table + Tonic it makes me feel so happy that we are achieving that mission. There’s all sorts of hidden plant goodness in our food that you probably didn’t even know was there… helping you digest, adding nutrition, boosting your immunity, feeding your liver, fighting free radicals…. #herbalistmissionaccomplished

Flower Magic

This time every year the herbal flowers explode in the garden and there’s a small window where all of these beauties are blooming at once. I like to bless my first herbal flower sun tea of the summer with a photo. This one is red clover, lavender, rose, tulsi, yarrow, and chamomile. I like to let these flower teas infuse in the sun and then overnight in the moonlight to energize all the spiritual properties traditionally found in flower essences. I learned from one of my teachers, Susan Weed, that all plant medicines made properly with intention and reverence will hold those plants’ spiritual essences, and I have found this to be true. Sipping this is like medicine, energy work, and a therapy session all rolled up in a plant prayer to your higher self. These flower medicines always seem to bring out the best in me. Last year I made a summer flower tincture with this blend but I must say that nothing beats the medicine of a solar and lunar-infused tea. #flowermagic

Flower Tea

I woke up feeling different this morning. Calm. Optimistic. Peaceful. My first thoughts were of gratitude and not worry. This is not the usual for me, I have to admit. Habitual fear has a way of lodging itself in the body and mind, and rewiring our neural circuitry. Our nervous system can get stuck in patterns and before we know it we are pumping cortisol through our bodies all. day. long. Fear and worry can rob us of all the good in our reality. A restful day outdoors and the energized garden flower tea shifted something in me yesterday. I also know that to make this feeling of wellbeing stick, I have to keep doing the things that created this shift. The medicine won’t help you if it sits on the shelf (or in the garden). Today I added the newly blooming mullein flower and hyssop to the solar and lunar-infused flower tea mix and started a new summer morning ritual. #flowertea

Flower Power

First sunflower of the year! We have always let our sunflowers self sow and for the most part we let them just grow where they pop up. This always makes for the biggest, most vibrant plants BY FAR. We have had some beautifully monstrous sunflowers at Mountain Flower Farm over the years! This year I tried some new single stem varieties for bouquets in the restaurant and am thrilled that they bloom so early!!! I think I even have a chance to plant a second sow for September blooms. So cool! Sunflowers are all about sunny, warm, shining confidence for me, and this medicine came at just the right time, reminding me of my own power and courage and belief in myself. In her Power of Flower Cards, @ishalerner talks about the archetype of sunflower being the Solar King and the Lunar Queen, which I LOVE!!These solar and lunar forces are alchemical when combined intentionally. True power requires a balanced merging of the masculine and feminine, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark. I have been thinking about this a lot this week, true inner power :: I am strong. I am kind. I am powerful. I am compassionate. I have healthy boundaries and I am forgiving. I am vulnerable and I am courageous. I feel fear but I AM love. Do not mistake my kindness and compassion for weakness. That would be a mistake. Kindness IS power. Rage and the need for domination and control are not. When we are in our true balanced personal power we can be of better service to others and a more powerful healing force in this world…and the world needs us. #femininepower

Lavender Harvest

Lavender Harvest. My favorite. Six hours to harvest and make 30 beautiful lavender bundles and a few mixed herb smudge sticks. I had the best time. Singing. Dancing (with the fan blowing directly on me). Making bundles. Lavender is my bliss herb. Uplifting. Calming. Restorative. I’ll make lavender syrup for my favorite summer cocktail, the Lavender Yuzu Collins at @tableandtonicnh and we’ll use the dried lavender throughout the winter. I hang a few bundles around the house for aromatherapy and use the dried flower in tea. This year I’ll also have a few lavender bundles for sale while they last at @thelocalgrocer If anyone’s looking for me I’ll be home huffing lavender bundles for a couple of days.


Changing it up

After 30 lavender bundles I was getting a little bored and decided to try some mixed herb smudge sticks. Garden Sage. Lavender. Hyssop. Yarrow. I could feel the energy coming off of these beauties while I was creating them. I was having so much fun with it and the scent is unreal! I look forward to trying them out and seeing how they burn. Hmmm. Maybe I’ve found a new fun thing to make.