Flower Magic

This time every year the herbal flowers explode in the garden and there’s a small window where all of these beauties are blooming at once. I like to bless my first herbal flower sun tea of the summer with a photo. This one is red clover, lavender, rose, tulsi, yarrow, and chamomile. I like to let these flower teas infuse in the sun and then overnight in the moonlight to energize all the spiritual properties traditionally found in flower essences. I learned from one of my teachers, Susan Weed, that all plant medicines made properly with intention and reverence will hold those plants’ spiritual essences, and I have found this to be true. Sipping this is like medicine, energy work, and a therapy session all rolled up in a plant prayer to your higher self. These flower medicines always seem to bring out the best in me. Last year I made a summer flower tincture with this blend but I must say that nothing beats the medicine of a solar and lunar-infused tea. #flowermagic