Flower Power

First sunflower of the year! We have always let our sunflowers self sow and for the most part we let them just grow where they pop up. This always makes for the biggest, most vibrant plants BY FAR. We have had some beautifully monstrous sunflowers at Mountain Flower Farm over the years! This year I tried some new single stem varieties for bouquets in the restaurant and am thrilled that they bloom so early!!! I think I even have a chance to plant a second sow for September blooms. So cool! Sunflowers are all about sunny, warm, shining confidence for me, and this medicine came at just the right time, reminding me of my own power and courage and belief in myself. In her Power of Flower Cards, @ishalerner talks about the archetype of sunflower being the Solar King and the Lunar Queen, which I LOVE!!These solar and lunar forces are alchemical when combined intentionally. True power requires a balanced merging of the masculine and feminine, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark. I have been thinking about this a lot this week, true inner power :: I am strong. I am kind. I am powerful. I am compassionate. I have healthy boundaries and I am forgiving. I am vulnerable and I am courageous. I feel fear but I AM love. Do not mistake my kindness and compassion for weakness. That would be a mistake. Kindness IS power. Rage and the need for domination and control are not. When we are in our true balanced personal power we can be of better service to others and a more powerful healing force in this world…and the world needs us. #femininepower