Flower Tea

I woke up feeling different this morning. Calm. Optimistic. Peaceful. My first thoughts were of gratitude and not worry. This is not the usual for me, I have to admit. Habitual fear has a way of lodging itself in the body and mind, and rewiring our neural circuitry. Our nervous system can get stuck in patterns and before we know it we are pumping cortisol through our bodies all. day. long. Fear and worry can rob us of all the good in our reality. A restful day outdoors and the energized garden flower tea shifted something in me yesterday. I also know that to make this feeling of wellbeing stick, I have to keep doing the things that created this shift. The medicine won’t help you if it sits on the shelf (or in the garden). Today I added the newly blooming mullein flower and hyssop to the solar and lunar-infused flower tea mix and started a new summer morning ritual. #flowertea