Red Clover – Red Clover

Trifolium pratense in raw apple cider vinegar. Why? Because red clover is packed with MINERALS that our bodies need to thrive, and apple cider vinegar is superb at extracting minerals. Red clover has all sorts of other wonderful properties too: liver and respiratory tonic, anti-inflammatory, and skin healer to name a few. When I started getting hot flashes last year during the heat of summer and the stress of launching a new business, I started drinking red clover infusions daily and the hot flashes eased to juuust about non-existent. As I’m now inviting more ease into my life with how I accomplish and do things, red clover assists with this as well. She really wants to help you level up and expand your daily consciousness….tap into that flow! In true permaculture form, we let red clover grow wild in the paths of the herb garden because it’s a great cover crop and a nitrogen fixer, so it actually enriches the soil by being there. Then, I get to harvest the flowers and green tops for mineral-rich infusions (strong tea) and infused vinegars. This one is going to @tableandtonicnh to become a part of some awesome, mineral-infused culinary concoction because we’re all about NOURISHMENT. Food can taste good AND make you feel good. When I hear guests say that to me of their experience at Table + Tonic it makes me feel so happy that we are achieving that mission. There’s all sorts of hidden plant goodness in our food that you probably didn’t even know was there… helping you digest, adding nutrition, boosting your immunity, feeding your liver, fighting free radicals…. #herbalistmissionaccomplished