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We need some flowers

Flowers!!! I make 3 large bouquets, 4 medium bouquets, and 30 mini table bouquets for the restaurant @tableandtonicnh @thelocalgrocer twice a week. It’s a labor of love and there’s no way I’d be able to adorn my restaurant in such floral splendor if I had to buy these bouquets each week! It would cost me […]


“Cleanse me with hyssop and I will be clean.” HYSSOPUS OFFICINALIS:: Purifier. Expectorant. Lung, Sinus + Throat Medicine. Digestive. Nervine. Blood Cleanser. Anti-viral. Immune Tonic. Holy Herb. Hyssop is an easy to grow perennial and makes a beautiful purple hedge when in bloom. This year I made hyssop vinegars, shrub, and bitters for @tableandtonicnh and […]

Infused Brews

Just a few gallons of our most recently infused brews. Vinegars. Shrub. Whiskey. Brandy. Vodka. Mint. Hyssop. Echinacea. Catnip. Mullein flower. Blueberries. Sage. Raspberries. Tulsi. Lemon Balm….The herb garden was going OFF last week and the combination possibilities are fun to dream up.

Sweet Annie

Sweet Annie swags 2.0. I think I’m getting the hang of this. These extra large ones got the treatment. Definitely need to grow more dried flowers next year and lots and lots of amaranth!!! It’s so pretty in these swags! I’m already making plans for all the dried flowers I need to grow next year! […]

Elderberry Time

Elderberry time! Not the best elderberry season here as we had a lot of winter damage on our main bush from which we usually get the mother load. We did plant a couple of new bushes on the property last year so…next year! I’ve never had to wildcraft these anti-viral, immune-boosting gems as our bushes […]

Smudge Sticks

I made these sweet mixed herb and flower smudge sticks:: garden sage, lavender, artemisia, eucalyptus, and everlasting – all from our gardens. I have a few for sale @thelocalgrocer infused with solar, lunar, and dancing green witch plant world love. These were spontaneous creations with what I had on hand and I’m already dreaming about […]

Grateful for the Bees

Thank you to The Butterflies and The Bees. We’re not a big fan of fall cleanup. We like to keep the plants around as long as we can and eschewed the “tidy garden” look of traditional landscaping years ago. Permaculture taught us the value of observing and mimicking nature, reducing unnecessary human labor, the many […]

Fall in NH

Fall Sunflowers @farmer_russ and I cut by headlamp last night after our dinner date. Cutting flowers in the moonlight, a perfect ending to a date if you ask me.

September at the Farm

Ah, Fall in New Hampshire. September is finally here, bringing cooler nights and sunny crisp days. Of course, that’s not to say there won’t be some more hot days mixed in, because there certainly will be, but we will gladly take this shift in seasons and embrace a good New England Harvest. This summer’s growing […]

Take The Local Five Pledge

Did you know that August is “Eat Local” month in New Hampshire? With all the fresh produce being harvested, it makes perfect sense. Eating local is not only in the best interest of your health, supporting your local farmers is good for our communities. Here at Table + Tonic, we feature local organic produce from […]